Friday, September 20, 2013

Astros considering making changes to Tal's Hill

Brian McTaggart's notebook discusses potential changes to Minute Maid Park, including everyone's favorite injury risk: Tal's Hill. But not in 2014.

Jeff Luhnow:
There's marketing and customer experience considerations, but from a baseball operations perspective, do we want to risk having George Springer or Brandon Barnes run up the hill and potentially risk an injury? That's something that's definitely a consideration.

First: We have long been advocates of replacing Tal's Hill with Crane's Canyon, a 40-foot drop at the Warning Track that is also in-play.
Second: This is the first indication that there is a possibility of someone named George Springer playing for the Astros next season.

Our suggestion:


Stanalv said...

Kudos! Well done!!

Mike Fast said...

Does that work like a pinball machine where a ball that falls into the canyon gets shot back out onto the field from either the first base or third base dugout?

Anonymous said...

The injury risk is way overblown. When compared with the alternative, a wall, the hill is probably safer. As stated before, if it was called "Crane's Hill," this would not be an issue. Pure pettiness.

Teddy said...

How about we replace it with a ball pit filled with little league baseballs, the center fielder would have to rummage through all the balls to find the correct one. If the wrong one is thrown back into play, the hit is automatically ruled an inside the park home run. Problem solved!

Ryan Dunsmore said...

that picture is filled with so much win.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this be "Purpura's Canyon?"