Friday, September 20, 2013

Three links to make you feel better

Hoo boy this team is bad. Really bad. So bad that I can't come up with anything original to say to make myself feel better other than, "Ten more days and it's over."

But other people can. People who are far more detached. Want to see what they have to say? I knew you might...

Wendy Thurm, Sports on Earth: Hope in Houston.
Money quote:
Robbie Grossman joined the Astros in July 2012, in the trade that sent starter Wandy Rodriguez to the Pirates. There was a detailed plan in place for the outfielder from the moment he arrived. "The work with the Astros was more individualized as compared to the Pirates. The Astros had a set plan for everything," Grossman said. "They told you what you needed to work on in order to move up the ladder. As a player, you really appreciate that."

Jose de Jesus Ortiz, Houston Chronicle: Why The Astros Won't Lose 100 Next Season.
Money quote:
"We do expect this next year to be a substantial step forward in terms of the results on the field at the big league level," Luhnow said. "That's what we've been working toward, and it will be rewarding to see that actually come to fruition. I think our fans have been very, very patient, and they deserve to see that next year."

Christina Kahrl, ESPN: Positive Aspects of the Astros' Season
Money quote:
Ultimate objectives? These presumably including not losing 100 games a year every year in the Luhnow era, right? Nothing so modest: "Our objective is to develop our own talent and win multiple championships, and I think we've gone a long way towards that," said Luhnow, leaving you to think the unspoken third bullet point involves lasting world domination. Just give him time; it's probably on the list, with a secret volcano fortress on the list of options.