Thursday, August 29, 2013

YAY! The Astros aren't all that profitable!

There's an odd sentiment here. "Hooray!" "Knew it!" "Thank God!" are thoughts that have run through my head as I read Maury Brown's rebuttal of the Forbes piece that claimed the 2013 Astros were the most profitable team in Major League Baseball history.

Brown points out (as we did) that the basis for the Forbes piece was how lucrative CSN Houston is for the Astros without mentioning that 60% of the market can't get CSN Houston. Furthermore, even the $80m "annual revenue" for the Astros isn't right, and doesn't account for the cost of starting the network in the first place.

There are a host of other points that Brown makes, so go read the article, and keep in mind that he's not exactly a fan of Jim Crane.

This can best be summed up by "Jeff Blogwell:"