Friday, August 9, 2013

The Nationals want Bo Porter, says the Washington Times

Davey Johnson, who co-founded Base Ball with Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown in 1839, is leaning towards retirement (or has been for the last couple of years). General Manager Mike Rizzo was extended and promoted to President of Baseball Operations last week to bring stability to the organization for when Johnson leaves. Who will replace him?

The Washington Times says the Nationals have four names on their list:
D-Backs' 3B coach Matt Williams
Nationals' bench coach Randy Knorr
Nationals' 3B coach Trent Jewett
Former Nationals coach (and current Astros manager) Bo Porter

Apparently the Lerner family (who owns the Nationals) think very highly of our fair manager, as do Rizzo and Johnson. As a reminder, it would require the Nationals to trade someone to the Astros for this to happen. Stephen Strasburg and/or Anthony Rendon, as well as the Washington Monument would be the starting point of my negotiation.


Anonymous said...

The guy's name is really "Knoww"?

I'm curious whether Porter will show interest. One could probably come up with convincing reasons to choose one way or another.

Andrew said...

Didn't DC get a shuttle? That needs to be on the table as well.

Anonymous said...

We already have a better monument than the one in DC...the San Jacinto Monument. And, if I'm not wrong, it's taller than the DC monument by about 12 ft. I would go with Bryce Harper instead.