Thursday, August 29, 2013

For God's sake, go read this now

Here is a great article from The Oklahoman about George Herman (Babe) Springer, with insights from his coach at UConn:

Coach Jim Penders:
I've coached some great players and coached against some great players. He's a guy who has star written all over him. I don't know what ‘it' is but he has it. He lights up a room. He lights up a box score. The sky is the limit for him...

...It's his sixth tool that makes anything possible for George. Because he has those five tools, the sixth tool is what will take him really far. The sixth tool is his absolute love for the game. It oozes out of him. He loves baseball so much.

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Anonymous said...

Loved this part: "During his three years in college, Springer hit .346 with 46 homers, 196 RBIs, 220 runs and 76 stolen bases, stats that rank among UConn legends Jeff Bagwell and Mo Vaughn". Baggy of course was a U of Hartford product and Mo Vaughn was Craig Biggio's teammate at Seton Hall. Apparently the Daily Oklahoman reporter was using a recent article written by a New Haven Courier reporter as a cheatsheet and mistook the latter writer's comments about all three (Baggy, Vaughn and Springer) being from the state of Connecticut as opposed to UConn alums. If you're gonna cut corners, at least be accurate when doing so or you're gonna be found out.