Friday, July 19, 2013

Red Sox interested in Norris

And so, on the day the Astros resume playing, the trade rumors surrounding the Astros begin to swirl, as well.

WEEI's Alex Speier says that the Red Sox are far more interested in Bud Norris than they were Matt Garza (whom the Rangers are apparently about to acquire) because he's a good pitcher and, unlike Garza, isn't a rental player.

That said, one of Speier's Red Sox sources said the Astros' asking price is too high:
...(The asking price is) more in line with a pitcher who has the reputation of a front-of-the-rotation option rather than a back-end one. But, given the depth of the Sox' system, if Houston's asking price does come down, then the Sox could become more aggressive in the pursuit of Norris. 

At least we know how to write out the plural of "Red Sox" now, though, huh?