Friday, July 12, 2013

From the Office of the County Clerk - G92: Astros @ Rays


Jarred Cosart had one hell of a debut, huh? 8IP, 2H/0ER, 2K:3BB. 55 of his 96 pitches for strikes. No Astros pitcher had ever thrown a shutout in their Major League debut. As David Coleman tweeted, Carlos Hernandez came the closest, throwing 7IP, 2H/0ER, 7K:1BB on August 18, 2001. Adam Wexler tweeted that the Astros had a total of four outs recorded in the 8th inning or later - three by Norris and one by Bedard. Cosart upped that to seven.

He had a no-hitter through six when former PreStro Ben Zobrist got a single past an outstretched Altuve in the 7th. Cosart hit 97 on the gun and sat at an easy 95-96 all night. It was magical. I thought for a second I had taken Cialis.

But alas, he may very well be back in OKC tomorrow. At least he gets to sleep in a big-league hotel tonight. Why would they send him back to OKC (and I truly hope they don't)? Because the Triple-A All-Star Game is Wednesday? And if the Astros re-set their rotation for their first game on the 19th, they wouldn't need a fifth starter until July 23, which would give Cosart an extra day of rest after the Triple-A ASG to start against Oakland.

Oh. And the Astros turned four double plays. Carlos Corporan got the hit that brought in both Astros runs. But it doesn't matter. It's all about Cosart.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from the ER after my erection would not go back down. I haven't been that invigorated since Basic Instinct (1992).

MC said...

Goodness, James! I admit, I was a sceptic with the morning drive / sermon. Now I am a convert, and except the coming of the Astros. It's starting.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I remember Carlos Hernandez. He was awesome until... he injured his shoulder in about his third ML start. Then toast. Sigh. What coulda been.

Anonymous said...

This actually happend. When I wake up tomorrow please tell me this actually happend

ntxlfty said...

Do you plan on sleeping 22 hours? Whatever. Great job by Cosart.

Rob McDonald said...


Biggest moment of love was just after he lost the no hitter and was down 2-0 and got the batter to GIDP to end the inning. Cojones.