Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Astros looking for Volume

In Jayson Stark's Trade Deadline post today, a few Astros Things are addressed. Among them:

*Luhnow has the go-ahead to move "just about anyone," though Altuve and Castro will "probably be priced too high" to move.
*Bud Norris is the most likely to go, with Lucas Harrell getting a "keep your eye on..." description.
*One NL exec says the Astros are looking for "volume" in any trade.

Among the teams looking for starting pitching, Detroit and Atlanta are looking for bullpen help, while the Giants and Orioles want starters. 


J.J. Hayes said...

As bad as the Times' attitude is (Southwesterners know ALL ABOUT the New York Times in their general news incarnation), Boston is far worse! The White-trash Capital of the World regards all of baseball (and all of basketball, hockey and football) as wholly irrelevant except as regards their regional entries. I don't read the damnable Globe (the Hartford Courant is "my paper") but I can well imagine the tack they've likely taken.

Blazemule said...

I have no idea why we would not want volume vs quality. We have tons of depth, we need quality prospects. I am fine with low A guys that have high ceilings since we want a steady stream of talent coming.

Anonymous said...

The "NL exec" who says the Astros want "volume" is probably working for a team that wants to package 4-5 Grade C prospects for Norris.....