Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two articles of note from The Oklahoman

Here are a couple of articles in this morning's Oklahoman on Cosart and Jonathan Villar, both of which have some interesting quotes from Assistant GM David (Bear) Stearns:

On Jarred Cosart:
We never really put timelines for any of these guys. There has to be a confluence of circumstances for somebody to get called up but he's certainly put himself in a very good position.

On Jonathan Villar:
It's part of the development process for any talented young middle infielder. The first step is acquiring the knowledge. The second step is consistency. He's made major strides with his (defensive) consistency the past couple of years and we feel that progress will continue..He's a young guy who has plenty of time. This is his first crack at Triple-A. There's nothing wrong with being patient. He's doing everything he should be doing. We're very happy with how he's performing.

The second is a really good piece on Villar with quotes from just about every coach on the OKC staff. The Oklahoman calls Villar "the shortstop of the future" for the Astros, which apparently means that they've never heard of Carlos Correa, but whatever. Can't have too many middle infielders, amirite?