Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Astros won't really take Colin Moran, will they?

I just saw that the Crawfish Boxes have put up a post on the rumors regarding the Astros taking North Carolina's Colin Moran with the 1.1 pick in the upcoming draft. Please note that I have not read their post (but I will as soon as I finish this one.)

Someone asked if the Astros would really do such a thing - passing on Appel, Gray, Bryant, Meadows, and Frazier to take Colin Moran. The short answer is, "Yeah, they probably would." Anyone who tries to forecast what the Astros will do in the draft is just spinning their wheels. Kevin Goldstein said this in his fantastic interview with TCB from Sunday evening. The Astros didn't decide on taking Correa until about half an hour before the draft started.

Anyhow, so. This Colin Moran. Keith Law said last week to keep an eye on the possibility of the Astros drafting Moran. Kiley McDaniel said the same thing. Something to keep in mind is that, IF they draft Colin Moran it sounds like it's couched in terms of "If they draft Moran, it's because Appel and Gray wanted the Astros to wreck their spending plan."

Maybe the Astros are floating Moran as a way to "communicate" with Boras and whomever is Gray's advisor not to get all testy.

But about this 6'3" 209lb Colin Moran. First off, he's B.J. Surhoff's nephew. Second, he led UNC in his freshman year with a .335/.442/.540 line, getting Baseball America Freshman of the Year/First Team All-American. He led the Cape Cod League with 42RBI in 2012, hitting .314. Hit .365/.435/.494 in his sophomore year. He was just named the ACC Player of the Year, hitting .369/.496/.612.

Minor League Ball wrote, back in November 2012:
The bat is good enough to be a starter anywhere he plays but it would be easier to project him at 3B. He is one of the safer picks in the draft and I would have a hard time seeing him not reach the majors and be a useful major leaguer.
Would the Astros take him? Sure they would, if it meant they could game it and essentially get three 1st Round picks like they did last year.