Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Draft Update

While we wait to see if the Astros can take the series from the Royals, Brian Smith is providing some good details on the Astros' thought process heading into the June Draft. He tweets:

*The Astros are looking at six players: Mark Appel, Jonathan Gray, Kris Bryant, Colin Moran, Clint Frazier, and Austin Meadows.
*Though it's really between Appel and Gray, Frazier and Meadows are darkhorses.
*The Astros won't let themselves get played on salary demands by Mark Appel (and by "Mark Appel," we really mean, "Scott Boras.") If Appel AND Gray get wild with their demands, the Astros will go in a different direction.
*Apparently Jonathan Gray's "side" has ties to Houston and might allow the Astros to sign easily and keep flexibility for later rounds.
*But the Astros won't decide on a 1.1 pick until the front office and scouts meet in Houston.

Kiley McDaniel tweets that Kris Bryant is being advised by Boras, as well. And if Appel and Gray don't give Houston a discount, then UNC's Colin Moran would be the target, should Luhnow try to replicate the 2012 draft strategy.

If the Astros are going to avoid Boras guys completely (which is doubtful), then you can cross these names off the list (captip to Twins Daily): Appel, Bryant, Meadows, and Moran.