Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scouting Reports of the Day: Jeff Bagwell

A while ago we brought you the first of what will likely be an off-day tradition, using the Diamond Mines exhibit at the Hall of Fame to highlight a former Astro's scouting reports. Previously, we looked at Craig Biggio's scouting reports. Up next: Jeff Bagwell.

Padres scout Donald Labossiere on April 21, 1989:
All his coaches including High School have nothing but nice things to say about him and his work ethic...Does not impress you immediately, has to be seen a couple of times. Below ave. runner and range...Is the best everyday player in New England. He told me he wants to sign a Pro contract, and begin his career. 

Labossiere, June and July 1989:
Defensively he is an adequate 3B with a good arm when he needs it...Will be Best everyday prospect in New England next year...Should be taken between the 7-10 Rounds next year. Higher if he improves his defense. 

Angels scout Jon Niederer, April 1989:
Value: $25,000...Not a holler guy, but comes to play - hard nosed and a hustler...This fellow is the best looking hitter on the East Coast and I think he's got a chance to hit .300 with power in any league, right up to the majors. Reminds me of Al Oliver - everything he hits is hard. His defense would bother me more if we were an astroturf club, but I don't think he's hopeless at third. Has no fear and his work habits are good. 

White Sox scout Cal Emery, October 1990:
Really like bat!!! However, lack of speed will hurt chances severely. Good hands at 3rd, arm accurate with quick release. BAt very good. Hits ball foul line to foul line, but very slow.
(Help White Sox Now? No. White Sox acquire? No.)