Thursday, May 16, 2013

So Reid Ryan, huh?

News broke last night (while we were all collectively unavailable to put up any posts about it) that the Astros (1) are on the verge of naming George Postolos' successor, maybe even Friday, and (2) that it might be Reid Ryan. (Captip to Mark Berman, who had it first)

Reid Ryan is the President/CEO of Ryan-Sanders Baseball, the group that owns the Rangers' Triple-A franchise in Round Rock and the Astros' Double-A franchise in Corpus Christi.

Of course the team isn't commenting. And there are all sorts of thoughts to sift through to make a judgment call. Among those thoughts:

1) What does it mean for Round Rock, and the Astros' search for a new Triple-A franchise?
2) Will a blood feud ensue between Nolan and Reid? Can CSN Houston televise it?
3) What will this mean for a CSN Houston carriage deal?

You can read Reid Ryan's biography at the Express' website, but among the highlights of Ryan's resume:

*More active in San Antonio area.
*Bank Director
*5-15, 6.04 ERA record as minor-league pitcher in 1994 and 1995.