Thursday, May 16, 2013

Confirmed: Reid Ryan to become next Team President

Jon Heyman is reporting that Reid Ryan will be the next Astros Team President.

Ryan was first reported by Houston TV broadcaster Marc Berman of FOX 26 Sports to be a "strong candidate'' for the top Astros job, and people familiar with the situation say, in fact, he is the likely successor to Postolos, who resigned this week after a short term as team president.

According to a Person Who Has Had Dealings With The Younger Ryan:
"He's very bright and would be great in that role,'' said a person who's had dealings with the younger Ryan. "He's an out-front personality and good operator.''

Heyman also mentions that Postolos may have been forced out, and that the CSN Houston deal led to the friction creating his ouster.

Brian McTaggart has confirmed that Reid Ryan will be the next Astros Team President.


Anonymous said...

Of course we will never know, since quality (or even mildly inquisitive) reporting is as unusual as a flood in the Sahara. However, I wonder if there isn't some friction not so much over the present inability to obtain the CSN deal, but more based on numbers Postolos may have promised, or convinced Crane of, during the purchasing process. Crane might just now be realizing he was badly misled.

Anonymous said...

Aahh... the plot thickens now...
Mr. Crane has to have had "mixed" emotions with regards to a family member of a division competitor & part owner operating one of his minor league teams... Now if Reid is hired as the President and CEO of the Astros that "issue" will no longer be a concern...