Thursday, May 9, 2013

Scouting Reports of the Day: Craig Biggio

It's everything I can do not to just go guano crazy on this, take the day off from work, and create a billion posts LITERALLY. The Baseball Hall of Fame, of which my fondness is well-documented, opened up it's Diamond Mines exhibit, focusing on the history of scouting. It's incredible. Part of the incredulity lies in how many actual scouting reports the Hall of Fame has posted online. So what we're going to do from time to time is highlight the scouting reports and how they changed over time for various Astros represented. Click the links for the full reports, we're just going to pull selected quotes.

First up, Craig Biggio:

July 1, 1986 report from Padres scout Don Labossiere:
Does not have ML bat or power. Bat appeared slow to me, although he did make contact and hit behind a runner when he had to. Player should be seen in 87. He has 2 ML tools and the potential for 2 more if he improves. Should be an A draft.

March 15, 1987 report by scout B. Kohler:
Def. ML. with great body control, speed, arm strength, sound fld pct., plus bat and line drv. pwr. Make-up. Very aggv. take charge type player who can also take the extra base with his plus running ability. Worth: $85,000.
March 17, 1987 report by Cubs scout B. Blitzer:
Dollar value: $65,000. Biggio has had fine defensive skills and speed. But his bat and other areas of his game have shown great improvement. Versatile athlete who can play infield and outfield besides catching.

March 18, 1987 report by Angels scout Jon Niederer:
Dollar value: $60,000. Would love to have him, despite his lack of aggressiveness with the bat. Feel certain he'll find a way to get to the big leagues and be a frontline catcher on a winning club.

July 28, 1990 report by White Sox pro scout Monroe:
Arm barely average from CF. Isn't blessed with hitting skills but he battles. 

(Note: On July 28, 1990 the Astros beat the Padres 5-3. Biggio was 0x3 with an HBP to lower his batting average to .278.)