Thursday, May 9, 2013

Humber to bullpen, Bedard back

This came out yesterday, but Phil Humber has been shifted to the bullpen and Dallas Keuchel will start tomorrow (Friday) night. Meanwhile, the Astros need someone to start Saturday night against Texas. Who should it be? Let's look at our preferences:

1. Paul Clemens
2. Jose Cisnero
3. Travis Blackley
4. Kevin Goldstein
5. Mike Fast
6. Jason Lane
7. A Roger Clemens Fathead
8. The rosin bag
9. Erik Bedard

Our Option #9 was chosen by the Astros, and Bedardadonk will start Saturday.

Porter said the Astros value what Clemens has added to the staff but Keuchel and Bedard were better fits for the rotation at this point. 

So let's compare the rotation now to the beginning of the season:

SP1: Bud Norris
SP2: Lucas Harrell
SP3: Phil Humber Dallas Keuchel
SP4: Brad Peacock Jordan Lyles
SP5: Erik Bedard