Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Survivor: Kissimmee - Day 2

And here is your continually updated news from Spring Training Day 2, also known as "Survivor: Kissimmee."

12:11pm: Brian McTaggart checks in with bullpen updates, quotes from Brocail. Also notice what is hopefully a typo in "Plantar Fascistic." Feet are fascists.

11:24am: Ankiel takes Porter to RF in batting practice. Porter calls it foul.

11:22am: Porter says the mound celebration was improvised, but he wants the team shaking hands more often.

11:17am: Alex White threw well today.

10:58am: When workout ended, players got in a line and shook hands, post-game style. Strange.

10:32am: All players have reported to camp except for Chris Carter, Carlos Perez, and Jose Martinez. Both Perez and Martinez are currently having visa issues. There is no excuse for Chris Carter.

10:18am: Astros engage in "fake, joyous" mound celebration following successful cover drill.

9:15am: Porter: "Everything is new. Let's go and compete." And Clemens will be in Kissimmee on Sunday. 

8:39am: Porter and Luhnow addressed the team prior to the first official workout.

8:15am: Jason Castro calls 2013 his "biggest year yet."

8:06am: Jose Veras isn't going to commit to being the closer - he'll let the Astros make that call.

7:54am: Rick Ankiel remembers he doesn't play for the Cardinals, shows up in Kissimmee. Was also talking to Reds and Giants.

7:46am: Fernando Martinez will not participate in the World Baseball Classic.

7:34am: Erik Bedard says he'll do everything he can to make the team, but if it doesn't work out, he'll "move on." He also says he was talking to the Blue Jays before signing with Houston.

6:00am: Bud Norris is not a morning person.


Anonymous said...

So what's the deal with Chris Carter? Why is he a "no show"?

John Martin said...

Position players aren't required to report until Friday. Carter isn't late, everyone else is there early.