Monday, February 11, 2013

Astros fan trying to become cave dweller

It's safe to say that being an Astros fan lately has started to feel a bit like a support group. The last two years have been rough, both on the field and in the media, but we've always had each other, right? As evidenced by the #astrosmovies twitter phenomenon last week, when we all pull together we can still get noticed, so let's use that sense of community to help one of our own achieve his goal of joining the MLB Fan Cave this year.

Out of 52 finalists, Jay Ducote is the lone Astros fan. In two days, he'll find out if he's one of 30 contestants chosen to audition during Spring Training to be one of the few to actually join the Cave. So, if you want to see more awesome stuff like this
go vote for him now!