Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Norris, Lowrie, Wright file for arbitration

Bud Norris, Jed Lowrie and Wesley Wright filed for arbitration yesterday, and while Jeff Luhnow previously said that they weren't necessarily interested in signing arb-eligibles to long-term contracts, that may not be the case anymore. The Astros and each of the players have to exchange numbers by Friday, and will have arbitration hearings between February 4-20 if a deal cannot be reached.

In 2012, their salaries were as follows:
Lowrie:  $1.15m
Norris: $511,000
Wright: $512,000

Baseball-Reference projects that Norris will make around $2.9m, Lowrie - $1.9m, and Wright - $900,000.

Just consider this for a second: The Astros have $6.15m committed to the 2014 payroll. $5.5m of that goes to the Pirates to help pay for Wandy Rodriguez. How does that stack up against the rest of the God-forsaken AL West?

Angels: $127.1m
Rangers: $60.1m
Mariners: $28.7m
A's: $14.5m

Yeah, this'll be fun.