Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You can't watch the Rockets because of the Astros

So you know that you can't watch the brand spanking new CSN Houston network, right? (If you're 60% of the Houston area, anyway).

And you probably had directed your anger towards the network, or maybe DirecTV, and you probably chalked that up to CORP'RATE GREEEED.

Not so fast. The Houston Press had a post yesterday citing a source who says the Astros were the ones who blocked a deal to get the network on as many Houston-area televisions as possible last fall:

The Astros allegedly balked at negotiations between CSN the Rockets and DirecTV before a final deal could be struck because they believed they could hold out for a better price...

... If the Astros did indeed block the Rockets from making a deal with DirecTV, it is easy to see why many believed no deals would be done until Astros games were on chopping block.

So don't get used to watching Rockets games, Houston fans, the Astros are (allegedly) driving this train!