Thursday, December 13, 2012

There's that Norris-to-Cubs thing again...

We, collectively, didn't have a chance to post this from last night, but the Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers tweeted:

Cubs don't match up well with Astros but expect them to try to land Bud Norris if the 'Stros make a serious effort to move him.

You can refer to the post directly underneath this one for a long discourse on the Astros and 2013 payroll, and Danny Knobler shooting this down. That said, Rogers was back at it this morning, pushing the Norris-to-Cubs possibility:

Could Alfonso Soriano and much of the $36 million he's owed be part of a Bud Norris trade? Makes sense but would Sori waive 10/5 rights?

Probably not. In the last 12 months Soriano has rejected trades to the Giants, Orioles, Pirates, and apparently prefers the East Coast. There's no reason to think he'd waive his 10/5 rights to come to Houston.