Monday, November 19, 2012

That Moment When

We here at Astros County are trying to figure out ways to make the off-season pass. And "watching football," and "spending time with family" just isn't cutting it. So we're proud to start a series written by you, dear reader, entitled "That Moment When." We will provide prompts, and you write in with your story related to the Astros. We then publish it, and you live in blogger glory forEVER. Rules:

1) Email your submission to astroscounty (at)
2) Since this is for a blog, all submissions must be typed while in your mother's basement, and pants-less.
3) Best submissions (no limit to the number) will be published at AC, with full credit given to you.

The first prompt of the off-season: That Moment When You Became an Astros Fan. Send us the story of when you knew that - for better or worse - you were an Astros fan.

Have at it!