Friday, October 5, 2012

Astros let Raymond/Dolan go

In one of your classic "Making changes just to make changes" moves, the Astros announced that Dave Raymond and Brett Dolan will not be retained for the 2013 season. So the only member of the radio team that we know of is the football player from Houston who won a contest. That's great, for him.

But we - like most fans - are pissed. Having come to the Astros in 2006 and worked around Milo's schedule for the last seven years, Dolan and Raymond were pretty damn good radio guys, and that they will not be retained makes me mad.

"I'm really disappointed. Broadcasting baseball is all I've done my adult life, 19 straight years, and the last seven years [in Houston]. It's a difficult change to digest. I guess the disappointing aspect of it is [that] I bypassed pursuing some other opportunity in recent years because I wanted to be here long-term. We'll see what happens next." 

Astros County has reached out to the Astros for further comment.