Friday, October 5, 2012

Astros screw up, show everyone most of the uniform

Over at SportsLogosNews, they take the Astros Launch Party invitation and do some filtering to see what the new unis look like.

We're not going to take their pageviews, so go on over and look for yourself.

And I was going to leave it at that, but decided to comment further. Are the Astros Marketing Staff kidding? The Joe Niekro Incident, Lowrie beating cleanup from the lead-off spot, error-filled tweets, and now they (probably) just blew the whole point of whipping up excitement over new uniforms because they didn't think, "Hey, maybe we shouldn't use the actual jersey and turn off some lights for a picture?"


Anonymous said...

I decided NOT to go look. Perhaps you'll think I'm silly, but I want to wait and see them Nov 2nd. And in my opinion, shame on the Astros for blowing it and shame on for telling everyone..

RyanScott81 said...

I hope that not really it. ...I was hoping for something with a little more flare. Oh well. What the Stros play in isn't all that important to me. long as its not silly.