Thursday, October 4, 2012

Now what.

Thank God that's over. The worst season in Astros history, by one game, on a walk-off, has been completed, to what I'm sure is everyone's delight. It's been a hard season, and was about as fun to write about as it was to watch. So thank you all, from the staff of Astros County, for continuing to find reasons to visit the site.

Over the course of the off-season, we have the following items planned:

*The Designated Hater series - telling you why you should hate the other 14 American League teams.
*Defensive Replacement Dante Aligheri: The Exact Moment in the last two seasons that the Astros traversed Dante's levels of hell.
*Coverage of the Winter Meetings, held in The Constable's backyard, in which we will attempt to have a beer with Jeff Luhnow, Mike Fast, and Kevin Goldstein.
*More long-reads (feel free to submit requests).
*A breakdown and report card for every Astro.
*Spotlight on the PreStros.
*Arizona Fall League
*Adding a writer or two.
*More randomness.

Seriously, Astros County is better than ever, and with Trostel, Cockroach, Deputy Phelps, and others, we're looking forward to the emotional recovery of 2012. Thank you for your support.