Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This could make me ignore the burn ban and set off fireworks tonight...

4:59pm - Rosenthal: Source: #Marlins were not on Lee's limited no-trade list. In other words, his approval was NOT needed for the trade.

4:55pm - Rodriguez: Astros will pay remainder of Lee's salary, minus pro-rated league minimum.

4:52pm - Rodriguez: Now Matt Dominguez scratched from New Orleans lineup, but still not told of trade. Zephyrs playing #Astros Triple-A OKC affiliate today.

4:43pm - Rodriguez: Rasmussen has been scratched from Double-A start, but still not informed of trade

4:35pm - Juan Rodriguez (Sun-Sentinel Marlins Beat Writer) : Rasmussen slated to make Double-A debut tonight. As of 5 minutes ago, hadn't been scratched.

4:18pm - Levine: Lowrie was removed from the game for baseball reasons, not as part of a trade.

Matt Dominguez is a 22-year old, 6'1" 215lb righty 3B, the 1st Round pick of the Marlins (12th overall) in 2007. He had been hitting .234/.291/.357 in 78 games for Triple-A New Orleans.

Rasmussen is a 23-year old 5'9" 165lb LHP. He was the 2nd Round pick in the 2010 draft by the Marlins. In High-A Jupiter this season, he is 4-7 with a 3.90 ERA / 1.36 WHIP, with 75K:36BB in 87.2IP.

4:13pm - Olney: Sources: The Marlins are trading Matt Dominguez and P Rob Rasmussen for Carlos Lee.

4:12pm - Lee's locker has been cleaned out and he is gone

4:11pm - Levine: Carlos Lee's locker is empty

4:05pm - Levine: Astros clubhouse has been closed for 20 minutes following today's loss to the Pirates.

4:01pm - ESPN: The Astros and Marlins are "deep" into talks in a trade that would send Carlos Lee to Miami, a team to which he has indicated a willingness to accept a trade.

3:53pm - Olney: Am told that the Lee deal is not completely done, but there has been a whole lot of progress. As much as HOU wants to move Lee,seems likely.

3:08pm - Levine: Lee and Lowrie have been pulled from the game.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit it's Christmas in July!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Did not expect this at all. After last weeks Dodger deal, I didn't think a trade could be made. Again, Lunhow pulls another rabbit out of his hat. I think the 3rd base prospect might get seasoning for this year in AAA and then next year we might get a view of him in the preseason.

I think Lunhow likes Wallace and believes in him and is going to give him every chance to be a part of the ball club and it's future. You could see him at 3rd or 1st. Maybe even see him in LF. If he has an arm for 3rd, maybe he has it for that as well.

Watch Singleton get time at 1st and LF. Watch them switch Parrades to CF very soon.

I think Chris Johnson gets traded. I think Wandy and Myers, Lopez and Lyon get traded as well. They could even pair some of these guys together to get better trade hauls. Watch even Schafer thrown into a trade.

Lunhow is proving over and over that he is a good GM.