Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday morning draft update

On the three early-round HS picks, 1-41 Lance McCullers, 4-129 Rio Ruiz, and 11-339 Hunter Virant, Bobby Heck says:
"We'll be challenged, but we feel confident we'll be able to sign them. I think the biggest thing is we view them as first-round talent."

On Virant, specifically:
"We're not sure we're going to be able to sign (Virant), but it was too valuable of a talent to leave on the board. We figure we'll give ourselves to July 13 to explore something if need be."

Virant wants to see what the Astros have to offer:
"The Astros still need to put together some money, so you never know. Right now the only sure thing is UCLA."

Ruiz's father told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:
"We have a month to figure it all out and we'll see what happens. Teams knew all along that Rio was a very strong USC commit and with his arm (blood clot) issue, it obviously made some teams rethink their plans. We're going to listen to Houston and see what their plans are, but it would obviously take a pretty good offer to lure him away from USC."

14th Round pick (429th overall) Joe Sclafani celebrated his selection with champagne, and said he'd definitely sign with the Astros.

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