Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1-1 Correa close to signing a deal

Well, this won't take long, apparently. The Astros will fly Carlos Correa into Houston for a physical and apparently get a deal done by Thursday.

Jon Heyman said that Correa would be signing for between $4.5-$5m (under the $7.2m recommendation) - which is good news for Lance McCullers, Rio Ruiz, and Hunter Virant.

McTaggart tweeted that Luhnow sounds confident about signing Correa quickly. Luhnow:
"We're going to bring him in here on Thursday, and you guys [the media] are going to get a chance to meet him and we're going to get a chance to sit down and talk with him and his family, and hopefully that will move quickly at that point." And while there are five weeks before the signing deadline, Luhnow expects "a flurry" of signings as early as Thursday.

Joseph Duarte has a profile on the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, outside of San Juan.

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