Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Morning McCullers Update

Here are a collection of links relating to 1-41 pick Lance McCullers:

Pops McCullers said, in a small press conference in their home:
"I have a good feeling that it's going to go pretty smoothly. I just have that feeling with what they're trying to do in Houston. They're trying to make it a great organization again. They took kids they really wanted to sign and get in their organization."

McCullers said there are some conditions to his signing:
A team’s history of developing young arms, its willingness to pay for his college education in the future and, most importantly, the amount of money it offers.

24 hours later, there's some optimism:
“I honestly feel, taking a step back and looking at it today, that it’s probably going to work out the best for me personally. It could be a potentially great situation, and we’ll just have to wait and see with negotiations.”

McCullers told WTSP:
"If any team took the time to listen and show interest in me, they would know I wasn't an impossible sign. I was just asking teams to recognize that I'm one of the best pitchers in the country... That I have a strong commitment to Florida... And I'm not going to go out there and throw my education away for nothing."

What's the time frame, Tampa Bay Online?
"As much as baseball is a game you play, when you enter this stage, it's a business now. It comes down to crunching numbers. There has been no formal offer made, so I can't really tell you which way I'm leaning. I'm excited to see how this game plays out and I'm not going to get too emotionally attached to either side."

From the Tampa Bay Times:

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