Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chris Snyder is Lucas Harrell's catcher

So it doesn't look as though Lucas Harrell's job is in jeopardy, as Brad Mills named Chris Snyder as his personal catcher.

"We have two very good catchers, and people have to understand that. Our pitching staff understands that. They are two guys that work really hard and look at video and scouting reports and match things up real well. It's not an instance where one guy is way over another guy."

With Snyder, Harrell has allowed a .264/.289/.431 line, with 8K:3BB. With Castro, that's a .276/.371/.466 line, with 7K:10BB.

Snyder is having a brutal year offensively, though. After 13 games (48PAs), Snyder is hitting .143/.250/.214, and has one extra-base hit. Castro is hitting .242/.299/.306 with two extra-base hits. But the crazy thing is Castro's .605 OPS would be the best OPS by an Astros catcher since Pudge had a .662 OPS in 93 games in 2009.

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Anonymous said...

I really hate this personal catcher BS. Don't know if it is Mills or Luhnow, but it is a terrible message to send. To all involved. Whatever the reasons are, they don't begin to be good enough.