Friday, April 27, 2012


So I guess that shoulder exam in Houston yesterday didn't go so well, as Kyle Weiland has been placed on the DL with shoulder soreness - the two most vague and scariest words in the pitcher's vocabulary ("Joe West" coming in squarely in 2nd place).

Also, Marwin Gonzalez has been placed on the paternity list, so it seems that congratulations are in order.

To complement these two moves, the Astros have brought up Fernando Abad and hot-hitting Brian Bixler from Oklahoma City. Bixler has been flat-out raking at OKC, hitting .364/.417/.545 in his last ten games - and that's after going 2x12 with 6K:1BB in his last three games.

I'm quite surprised the Astros didn't call up a starter to replace Weiland. Under the current schedule, the rotation would go:
Today: Wandy
Saturday: Harrell
Sunday: Norris
Monday: Happ
Tuesday: Wandy

So unless the Astros plan on making another change in advance of Tuesday's start, Wandy would go on short rest, or some reliever will make a spot start. Unless there's something I'm just not thinking of...


Anonymous said...

Maybe they are lining up the AAA starters to be ready for the Tuesday start and bringing up Abad in the interim. It is puzzling, but I doubt Wandy goes on four days.

Anonymous said...

maybe they go with Abad or Cruz on Tuesday...or maybe have them each go 3 or 4 innings

Chris said...

Both of those comments were dumb as hell. Abad or Cruz to start and go 3-4 innings each?? What the hell are you talking about?

And it's Friday, they wouldn't be "lining up the AAA starts" to get ready for a Tuesday start. On regular rest, the Tuesday starter, if coming from AAA, started yesterday, which was Henry Sosa, who I could see as the Tuesday starter.

Probably bulking up the bullpen for the weekend series, and will swap Abad & Sosa after Sunday's games to get Sosa up here for the Tuesday start.

Some people, man....

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're the idiot. Lining up starts is not unusual. If a pitcher was scheduled for Sunday, but they were lining him up for Tuesday, they throw him a few tuneup innings on Sunday or so to keep him fresh. Even DeShaies was talking about it. With that much lead time, you don't need to be stuck with your scheduled AAA or AA starter. Learn something before you spout off stupid shit.