Friday, March 30, 2012

Astros release Livan Hernandez

So it just came down the pipe that the Astros have released Livan Hernandez from his minor-league deal today. There is, in my bones, a strange feeling of confidence in the front office. Honestly, if Ed Wade was still GM, do you think that Duke and Hernandez would have been released? I don't. As with the Duke signing, and subsequent release, Livan was a low-risk, high-(possible-) reward signing. It didn't work out, and so they move on. Not in June, but right now. However this team fares in the standings this year, I have more confidence in the franchise than I have since 2005. And you?

So, projected rotation:
1. Wandy
2. Norris
3. Happ
4. Weiland
5. Lyles*

*Lucas Harrell could find himself in this spot, as he is out if options, and Lyles could head to OKC.


Brian West said...

The whole purpose of having Livan in the stating rotation was eat innings and save the bullpen arms, while the younger starter prospects developed on the farm.

Weiland and Harrell have shown that they are ready for their chance. Maybe enough so that even Lyles can start the year at AAA.

cockroach said...

Likewise... regardless of the on-field product, I have more confidence in the Astros' management now than I have since the shock of Gerry Hunsicker's departure post-2004.

I don't think this necessarily means that both Weiland and Lyles have rotation spots locked up, though. I think that Lucas Harrell's strong spring and out-of-options status may have earned him a rotation spot, or a bullpen spot at worst. Both Weiland and Lyles could still be optioned without the risk of losing them.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the post Wade bashing. Some use him as a constant measure for Luhnow to make Luhnow look good. Luhnow makes a mistake in judgement, realizes it and moves on. Big deal. If Wade had done it, the comments would likely focus on his poor judgement for trying the guy in the first place.

Just evaluate Luhnow's moves on their own, not in relation to some artificial standard.

Reuben said...

Good point by the last Anon. Wade wasn't a great GM, but he caught and still catches too much flack for low-cost veteran retread signings. All clubs bring these type of guys in as NRIs or whatever. Even Bill Hall, if he had come close to his 2010 numbers from the Red Sox, would have been a fine signing. But he sucked and Wade released him. Livan's deal was a good idea. I would have had no problem (sans Myers) with Livan eating innings for half the year or whatever, but at the same time, I like Harrell (who seems like the immediate winner to me) and I'm excited to see what he and Weiland can do.

McTaggart or someone made a good point too, that this may also reflect how much they like Paul Clemens, who now has a better shot at MLB rotation time this year.