Tuesday, February 7, 2012

David Schoenfield's NL Central position rankings

ESPN Sweet Spot Network Leader David Schoenfield posted his rankings, by position, for the NL Central. Click the link for the full read, but here's where the Astros rank:

Quintero/Castro - 6th (Doesn't matter who it is - they're the worst catcher in the division, apparently)
Lee - 3rd
Altuve - 4th
Paredes - 6th
Lowrie - 5th
Martinez - 4th
Schafer - 6th
Bogusevic - 6th
Myers (as SP1) - 5th
Wandy - 4th
Norris - 2nd
Happ - 6th
Lyles/Sosa - 4th
Lyon - 6th
Bullpen - 6th
Intangibles - 6th

Interesting. Especially on the last one, where the things that you cannot quantify have been quantified, and the Astros had less things that one cannot figure out than any other team.


Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

I guess Snyder doesn't count? Not that it would have even made a difference.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand, Bud Selig said McClane left the team in the best condition in its history.

bgobag said...

with such low expectations, wouldn't it be nice if we fooled a lot of folks. btw, i am NOT talking about winning the division.
how about 75 wins.

Patrick said...

Give them all a big shitburger to eat