Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Interest in Wandy "seems non-existent"

Take it for what it's worth, but Jon Heyman is tweeting that interest in Wandy "seems non-existent" (perhaps because it didn't come up when he was shining Jack Morris' shoes), and adds this helpful tidbit:

Astros should have let #rox take him on claim last summer

Oh yes, that's very helpful, Mr. Heyman.

Otherwise, it looks like Wandy is going to have to put up a solid first-half to draw interest in regards to a trade.

Over the past three seasons, here are Wandy's 1st-Half splits:

20-33, 316.1IP, 322H/133ER, 265K:113BB, 3.78 ERA/1.38 WHIP.

If Wandy posts a first half similar to the last three seasons, would it be worth pulling the trigger on? Especially with his 2nd-Half over the last three seasons:

16-12, 275.1IP, 235H/88ER, 272K:87BB, 2.88 ERA/1.17 WHIP.