Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wandy deal could hinge on Crane

Ken Rosenthal tweeted that any deal involving Wandy Rodriguez could hinge on the outcome of the Crane vote. Rosenthal says that Crane is willing to move him (of course - he makes too much money), and McLane leans more towards keeping him.

This may be a referendum on Ed Wade's tenure. It has been long-discussed about how ridiculous it was to extend Wandy in the first place. If Crane's first official act as owner is to approve the trade of a player that his GM extended 11 months earlier, that probably doesn't bode so well for Easy Eddie.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Go ahead and cross Grady Sizemore off your list

Anyone who wanted the Astros to make a run at Grady Sizemore can go ahead and pull up a little bit, as Smilin' Ken Rosenthal says he'll want close to the $9m that the Indians declined to pick up for 2012.

Schafer now up to two charges of drug paraphernalia

Jordan Schafer's "hits" (get it?) keep on coming! He's now up to two drug-related charges:

*Possession of cannabis (3rd degree felony)

*Possession of drug paraphernalia (1st degree misdemeanor)

According to Levine and, you know, the law, his arraignment will take place on November 14. But probably not at the Cheesecake Factory.