Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Qs, As with Jonathan Meyer

2009 3rd Round pick Jonathan Meyer has spent three years in the Astros system, advancing a level in each season. In 2009, he hit .190/.301/.299 for Greeneville; .245/.304/.317 for Lexington in 2010; and .264/.343/.399 for Lancaster in 2011. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Let's read, shall we?

AC: You have improved your numbers in each season you've been with the Astros, despite advancing a level in each season. What adjustments are you making, and what have your first three pro seasons taught you about playing?

JM: My first two years I really tired myself out. I've learned that I need to pace myself better throughout the season while still working hard and trying to get better everyday. I also set up a good routine for myself this year in Lancaster: I would come to the field two hours early to just relax and not have to rush to get ready.

AC: One of the things that stands out about your 2011 is that you hit 14 homers - after hitting five homers combined in 2009/2010. While most would chalk it up to the Lancaster Effect, half of those homers came on the road. How did your approach at the plate change in 2011 from the first two seasons?

JM: I did my best in this last off-season to get stronger. I focused mainly on my legs and core strength along with a lot of flexibility. Mentally, I focused on keeping my approach simple at the plate.

AC: You've been noted by teammate Jordan Comadena, as well as your manager and former high school coach, for your work ethic. Where does your drive and motivation come from?

JM: My dad has instilled motivation in me at a very young age. He taught me how to go about my business and what I need to do to be a better player. When I was around 4, I went to a Dodger game and asked my mom how Mike Piazza made money and she told me he made money playing baseball. I turned toward her and said, "That is what I wanna do." Ever since then, I have always been able to motivate myself because I love to play this game.

AC: It's been mentioned in a few interviews that you take pride in your defensive ability. After bouncing (in high school) between pitcher, catcher, and third base, where are you more comfortable, and how have those position changes helped your defense?

JM: In little league and high school I pitched and played short. Before pro ball I played third only a couple times in scout ball. The changes I have had to make at third is the quickness of the play. In Greenville, I rushed everything, I learned I have a lot more time over at third.

AC: What are you working on this off-season to prepare for a 2012 that will likely see you in Corpus at some point?

JM: I am going to work more on my range and strength this offseason.

Big thanks to Jonathan Meyer for taking the time to answer these questions!