Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brewers to meet with Barmes

From Brian McTaggart, we get this report from the Brewers' version of Brian McTaggart:

Brewers general manager Doug Melvin will meet Wednesday with Barry Meister, the agent for free agent shortstop Clint Barmes. The Brewers showed some interest in Barmes before last July’s nonwaiver trade deadline, but never progressed because of a well-timed hot streak by incumbent Yuniesky Betancourt and indications from the Astros they were not inclined to move Barmes.

That's true. Jerry Crasnick mentioned via Twitter that the Brewers were interested in Barmes on July 20, something followed up on by ESPN's Rumor Central on July 26. But on the evening of July 29 (the day the Astros traded Pence), McTaggart said the Astros were telling people Barmes was unavailable.

Typical Astros, keep a guy who could have brought a prospect or two, only to see him walk in the off-season with no compensation coming back. Now let's see the Astros sign him to a 9-year, $63 million deal. And trade him for a bag of balls next July.


Juvenile Court Clerk said...

I don't think any other team would have the balls to take on that contract.

Anonymous said...

No compensation??? I thought he's a Type B FA and will net us a Comp pick?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, got behind on the articles...I don't believe that the Astros would have bad enough luck that the one of the only upsides of this off season would get eliminated in a new CBA...I just won't believe it, I won't!

Astros County said...

Turns out that it's looking like the lack of compensation for Type B free agents won't take effect this off-season, so it's possible the Astros could get something in return should Barmes decline arbitration and sign with another team.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the whole draft budget/hard slotting nonsense takes a similar time table to go into effect and Crane can put some of that 70 Mil to use!!!

I know, half is only a chunk off of the price tag and the other half is going into paying off debt...but a guy can still hope can't he? Just an extra 5 mil goin into the first round or three wouldn't kill'em right? Maybe we can sign a Josh Bell or a Matt Purke too eh?