Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baseball America's Top 10 Prospects

Baseball America posted their Organizational Report for the Astros this morning.

Here are your Top 10 prospects:

1. Jonathan Singleton
2. Jarred Cosart
3. George Springer
4. Jonathan Villar
5. Paul Clemens
6. Domingo Santana
7. Brett Oberholtzer
8. Delino DeShields, Jr
9. Mike Foltynewicz
10. Telvin Nash

Click the link for the big report, but there are a few things to note:

*Six of those top ten were not in the system as of July 1, 2011.
*Ariel Ovando, who received the largest bonus in club history, is not on the list.


Blazemule said...

Man, these two guys don't need to be in our top ten, Speed only and Power only, both right handers, bleh. I didn't mind the Nash signing as much but I thought way to high could of got him lower in the draft. I hated the DeShields pick from the get go, that was one of the dumbest picks we ever did. He is a person you pickup in round 3 or later, and if he is not there big deal. We have so many holes to fill a speedy 2b in the first round, not to mention top 15 pick is so freaking stupid. We had a lot better options.

8. Delino DeShields, Jr
10. Telvin Nash

Anonymous said...

Remember when Bobby Heck was considered a scouting genius? It seems like only yesterday.

Out of the top 7 players, only Springer was drafted by Heck. After four drafts, this looks really bad for Heck.