Monday, September 26, 2011

Unsurprisingly, Apathy is the ruling emotion

Greg Lucas says that Drayton hasn't heard much from Astros fans about not wanting to move to the American League.

He said only a few letters had passed his way. Then he proceeded to outline why moving to the AL had some advantages. Folks, all of you who are complaining on Twitter, letters to the editor or online sites are venting to each other. The word is not getting to the Drayton McLanes or Bud Seligs of the world. All those threats about dropping the Astros if they move or not ever buying tickets again are not doing any good because they are not being heard or read. Plus, I suspect the volume is too low to change the master plan.

Maybe it's me, maybe it's trying to process a 19-3 loss, maybe it's just that I can't wait for this series with the Cardinals to be over with. A very vocal, albeit small, part of my brain thinks: Whatever it takes to get George Postolos in the organization is fine. If that means playing in the American League, that's fine. Just get this administration out of there. That's the vocal minority.

Now, I know that the team is turning around. What has happened in 2011 is, as Wilco would say, the "Bible-black pre-dawn." I do not think that the Astros will be this bad in 2012. Of course, I said on numerous occasions, to other team's bloggers, that the idea that the 2011 Astros would be worse than the Pirates - or a 100-loss team - was preposterous. I predicted between 74 and 78 wins. And if the season lasted until December, I might have been right.

But I'd rather be angry than apathetic. Someone should pay for this. I just don't know if it will be Drayton, Ed Wade, or us fans.