Friday, July 22, 2011

Reds interested in Pence?

With a captip to MLBTR, John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer says the Reds have had discussions about Hunter Pence.

The Reds have a ton of prospects - literally, probably ten prospects who are two hundred pounds. Surely there are 3-4 who would come to Houston. But would the Astros want to play a team with Votto, Bruce, Phillips, and Pence 18 times a year?


Blazemule said...

I could care less who we trade the guys to, as long as we get back some good prospects that can make us forget them.

Dr. Greg Thompson said...

Always, always scary to deal w/ the Reds... one side seems to always come out of the deal much, much better off than the other... we won the Keppinger deal, but that only means they owe us one to the MLB Trade Gods.

OremLK said...

If we trade Pence, I would assume either we are hands-down winning the trade, AND/OR we are admitting we have little hope of contending before Pence becomes eligible for free agency.

So that being the case, I could care less if we trade him within the division. Either we win the deal to the point of hurting our competitor more than we help them (score!) or it doesn't matter anyway because we have no plan to go all-out and try to contend until 2014.

Also we're about to be playing in the AL West anyway. *Ducks*