Sunday, July 24, 2011

Now the Astros are holding on to Pence

Nick Cafardo's Sunday column has a quick note about Hunter Pence:

Checked again with an Astros source and the word again was, “We’re going to hold on to him." All bets might be off in the offseason when there’s new ownership and possibly a new GM in place, but for now the outfielder most perfectly suited for the Red Sox won’t be out there.

So there you have it - for now, at least.

Also, on Brett Myers:
Surprisingly, little activity on him. “We’ve had a couple of bites from National League teams, but not much else,’’ said an Astros official. The Myers market may heat up closer to the deadline, but so far it’s slow for a guy who has pitched in the tough Philly market and could help a team at the back of the rotation or in the bullpen.

Also, Cafardo mentions Red Sox Assistant GM Ben Cherington as a possibility for Houston if Ed Wade gets the pink slip.