Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last Boston media/Pence rumor of the morning

Alright, Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald agrees that Pence isn't currently on the block - but speculates on what the Astros could get in return, if he was:

With new ownership expected to be on board officially as soon as next month, the bottom-of-the-barrel Astros are not currently shopping Pence, according to a baseball source. If they were, considering that the 28-year-old Pence is still two years away from free agency, he would command a haul closer to the kind the Padres got from the Red Sox for Adrian Gonzalez.

Could the Red Sox give up that package? Red Sox Farm Director Mike Hazen:
"We have plenty of good players to make a deal like that happen, especially with players in the high levels, and there are some interesting guys in the lower levels as well.”