Sunday, July 3, 2011

Boston media circling Minute Maid like vultures

A couple of articles this morning out of Boston wonder if the Astros have a player suitable for the picking by the Red Sox:

Nick Cafardo: Briefly mentions Hunter Pence as a possible trade target with Darnell McDonald struggling (despite taking Abad to Sealy in the 8th).

So does Michael Silverman.

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AstroBrit said...

Its a shame they don't need Bourn really. I imagine he'd literally be able to scale the green monster at Fenway and catch flyballs that would otherwise have bounced off the LF wall.

Pence's comments were pretty strong, and I doubt there is any collusion between himself and the front office after Oswalt's "I want out" comments last year.

Otherwise If Wandy is moved, I don't see him going to an AL team.