Sunday, July 3, 2011

From the Office of the County Clerk - G85: Astros v. Red Sox

Well, that flat-out freaking sucked. The Astros manage to walk in the game-winning run - which is a new one for the Astros, it must be said - and lose to the home team Red Sox, 2-1.

*The Astros were 1-8 on this interleague homestand - which is just worse than the 2-8 homestand before they went to LA and Texas from June 17-22. So, yes, the Astros are 3-16 in their last 19 home games. That has to be some sort of franchise record, but I'm too pissed off to verify that.

*On this particular sucknut of a homestand, the Astros were outscored 35-55, and the only pitcher to get a win was Wandy Rodriguez.

*Against teams with a record of .500 or better, the Astros are 12-41. Next team with the most losses against ≥.500 teams is the Cubs, who are 20-35.

*At least Lyles didn't get the loss. Today was the first ER-less start Lyles made of his career, but of course the Astros only scored a run for him. In his seven starts for the Astros, they have scored 14 runs while he's been in the game.

*David Carpenter threw another scoreless inning in the 6th, and only gave up a hit. Sergio Escalona allowed three baserunners on a hit and two walks in 1.1IP, and Escalona walked three batters in all of June (and three in all of May).

*But it's Mark Melancon (and Brad Mills) who are currently the front-runners for the Goat. Melancon walked three batters (giving an IBB to Adrian Gonzalez) for the second time this season, including the game-winning run, walking Kevin Youkilis, scoring Drew Sutton, who walked with one out.

*Between Sutton and Youkilis' ABs, Melancon threw 12 balls in 22 pitches - 16 in 26 if you count Gonzalez' intentional walk to bring up Youkilis with the bases loaded.

*The Red Sox had the bases loaded three times this game, and scored two runs - on Melancon's walk, and Brett Wallace's throwing error.

*So, yeah, the Astros walked ten batters for the first time this season, and the first time since August 24, 2010 (at Philly). The last time it happened at Minute Maid was September 11, 2007, when the Astros walked 10 Cubs - but in 11 innings. So to keep going, and try to find the last time the Astros walked ten batters in a nine-inning game, we have to go back to June 11, 1994 - when the Astros walked 12 Braves. And won.

*The offense did what it does, meaning "nothing." They were 1x8 w/RISP, with pinch-hitter Angel Sanchez getting the only hit w/RISP, and he and the other pinch-hitter, Keppinger, got two of the Astros' six hits.

*The Astros only saw 122 pitches (to the Red Sox' 174).

*Chris Johnson was 0x3 with 3Ks, recording his 5th 3K game of the year.

*In fact, the Astros struck out 14 times today! That's the 13th 10+K game of the year, and the 6th 14+K game of the year.

Man of the Match: Jordan Lyles

Goat of the Game: The offense.