Monday, July 25, 2011

Astros keeping Pence

Jon Heyman tweeted out that the Astros will not be trading Hunter Pence at the deadline, as he is the face of the franchise (more info coming later, links, etc.).

Reaction coming later as well, as we are all currently unavailable for a 2,000 word rant.


z1560533 said...

Good move by the Astros, if they are willing to put pieces around him, if their just going to struggle for x more years than trade him for a prospect or two and get on with the rebuilding.

Blazemule said...

Shit or get off the pot is all I got to say, who cares if he is the "face of the Astros" just put up a new huge poster of who we get when we trade him, Dominick Brown for instance and he will be the new "Face of the Astros". Pence, Bourn, Lee, Rodriguez and Myers do nothing for us the next three years except hinder development behind them. I could rant some more but I am tired of stupidity. What happened to listening to all offers or being a good listener, that would involve not saying this guys is not moving.