Thursday, June 23, 2011

Corpus' corresponding moves annoucned

So last night, after Chris Wallace got brought up to Corpus from Lexington, there were your requisite corresponding moves:

Brought Up

Chris Wallace, from Lexington to Corpus

Sent Down

Federico Hernandez, from Corpus to Lancaster


Matt Nevarez


Pitcher Mike Perconte

Perconte is a 25-year old RHP who has spent three full seasons in the minors - from 2008-2010 with the Cubs, and 2011 with Double-A Frisco in the Rangers system. He has a career 4.18 ERA/1.37 WHIP, with 229H/110ER, 235K:94BB in 236.2IP.

For Frisco, he allowed 27H/17ER, 28K:15BB in 28.1IP.

Nevarez' releasing is unsurprising given that, in Corpus in 2010-11, he has 64K:71BB, and had walked 23 batters in 21IP in 2011. Nevarez did come to Houston from Texas as part of the Pudge trade in August 2009.

Greg Rajan said it best about Hernandez:
Not shocking that Federico Hernandez was demoted, just that it took this long took many around the team by surprise. After all, how many MLB teams keep a .140 hitter as their No. 1 Double-A catcher for an entire half? Not sure what #Astros were thinking.