Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Easy Eddie speaks!

Article from Jason Grodsky with commentary from Ed Wade on the Pudge trade:

"It was a pleasure to be a part of Pudge's Hall of Fame career. He did an outstanding job for us, and we certainly appreciate what he did for us. But at the same time, the fact that we were able to get some pretty good young players in this deal was significant enough for us to move forward."

On Nevarez:
"We like Nevarez a lot. He's a 22-year-old kid with a really good arm that has a chance to pitch in the back of the bullpen in a couple of years. The total return on this deal we believe will make a lot of sense once we are able to bring it to closure."

Coop, on C1 and C2:
"I think we have two very capable catchers, maybe not of [Ivan Rodriguez's] caliber, but still very capable, and they will get a chance to play. They can handle the job defensively, and Coste has been a very good offensive player since he's been here. I think Quintero will be able to add something to our offense too, he's done a pretty good job to this day."

Wherefore art thou, Towles? Still in Round Rock, and the Astros will continue to look at him, where he could be called up on September 1.