Monday, May 30, 2011

Since when has logic interfered with the Yankees' or Astros' reasoning?

With a captip to SBN Houston, there's a link to the NY Post's George King, who says that the Astros are willing to listen on Brett Myers. But the Yankees don't have the pieces the Astros might be looking for.

It makes perfect sense for the Astros to try and trade Myers, but unfortunately, the time when Myers would have received peak return may have been about 10 months ago. Myers is struggling, and is receiving $7m this season (as opposed to $3.1m in 2010), and is guaranteed at least $14m over the next two seasons (possibly $21m). This is all well and good for a guy who threw 154 quality starts in 2010 (LITERALLY), but not so much for the guy who leads baseball in homers allowed.

Still, depending on how Jordan Lyles does over the next six weeks, there just may be an expendable pitcher on the staff. Maybe it's Myers, maybe it's Wandy. But Wandy would be the more attractive option for pillaging teams.