Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brad Mills won't even try to slow Bourgeois down

Nice article from Zach Levine on Jason Bourgeois, in which Mills explains what kind of light he has when on base:

“I have full confidence that he’s comfortable with it. A lot of times if you pull the reins back too tight, then he’s not sure when to go. But he’s fine, and there’s no reason to try to put a harness on it at all.”

Bourgeois, despite limited playing time, is tied for 9th in the NL in stolen bases, and is only 3SB behind league leader Michael Bourn.

And by limited playing time, I mean 36ABs. Of the Top 10 in NL steals, Bourgeois has 51 fewer ABs than his closest competitor - Will Venable - who has 87ABs.