Monday, March 7, 2011

Astros still not sure what to do about the catcher situation

Steve Campbell's post on C1 has some interesting nuggets, as Drayton and Easy Eddie met to re-evaluate payroll.

“It’s hard to make a trade now. Most teams are assessing where they are. But at the end of spring training, we’re certainly going to look at what we do at the start of the season. That’s what I’ve done for 18 previous years: We adjust as we go.”

“We’re not going to go overboard to chase somebody. But at least it gives me a sense of feel for some of the parameters we’re operating on. Even if there was a guy out there making substantial dollars available, I’m not sure we would be in the mix to be able to go do something like that.”

More Wade, on what Towles/Corporan should do:
“Every opportunity they get to go out there and put their best foot forward, they should take advantage of it. We’re not saying we’re (definitely) going outside to do something.”

So how are they doing? In four Spring Training games, Carlos Corporan is 3x5 with three singles, and J.R. Towles is 2x8 with a double and an RBI. Quintero is 3x7 with two doubles, 3RBI, and a 1.214 OPS (limited sample size implied).